Balkan Containers constructs different types of retail outlets according to your needs. We offer pavilions, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, etc., made with different designs and visions according to the client's project. The area, distribution, materials used are coordinated with the customer's wishes.

Exterior view

We offer our customers to choose the design and vision of their office, shop, clinic, etc .. We offer a variety of finishes - etalbond, wood, siding and more. Etalbond cladding is perfectly combined with large windows and can be in different colors.

Interior view

When designing the internal distribution, we take into account both the customer's wishes and the regulatory requirements for the various retail outlets. We carefully select the materials for flooring, cladding, windows, sanitation and equipment.

Shops, restaurants and pavilions

  • Made entirely in unison with the needs of the client
  • Wide choice of different exterior claddings
  • Glazing depending on the vision desired by the customer
  • Choice of different types of flooring, depending on the purpose
  • Plenty of options for size and internal distribution
  • Short deadlines for implementation and delivery
  • Simplified commissioning procedure


We offer you a variety of extras. Under each extra there is a code - a number written in red, for example NO: 21. It is enough to say the code of an extra and it will be added to the product. Note: the price of each additional extra is added to the final value of the selected product.