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Standard containers are widely used both in business and in every aspect of everyday life. They are a practical and quick solution for creating additional premises.

Standard containers and cabins are made of metal construction of cold-bent galvanized metal profiles

The walls and roofs are made of a sandwich panel with a core of polyurethane foam with a thickness of 40 mm

High quality products in a short time, delivered and installed in the desired place.

Choose your standard container.

The standard containers are 250 cm high, at your request the size can be 300 cm. The width can be 240 cm and 300 cm. The length of the containers can be 400 cm / 500 cm / 600 cm / 700 cm / 800 cm. The maximum length of the containers can be 1200 cm.


Series A
With one empty room
Series B
With several rooms
Series C
With kitchen
Series D
With toilet
Series E
With kitchen and toilet
Series F
With kitchen and toilet

The latest technology in the manufacture of galvanized stainless steel containers

The containers are made of galvanized metal construction. The durability of the standard floor is 200 kg / m2. The standard insulation of the walls and the roof is a sandwich panel with polyurethane foam with a thickness of 4 cm, painted in RAL 9002, mounted 4-chamber PVC windows with double glazing and aluminum semi-glazed door. The floor is made of waterproof plywood and laminate flooring. In a standard container measuring 240 cm x 600 cm there are two double sockets, an electrical panel with fuses and LED lamps. In the standard containers, in which the construction of a bathroom is provided, the latter includes a sink, a mirror, a shower tray and a monoblock. The flooring is terracotta. In the standard containers, in which the construction of a kitchenette is provided, the latter is represented by an upper and lower kitchen cabinet with a built-in sink and a faucet.


We offer you a variety of extras. Under each extra there is a code - a number written in red, for example NO: 21. It is enough to say the code of an extra and it will be added to the product. Note: the price of each additional extra is added to the final value of the selected product.