Get a house fast.

Practical and economical solutions. Do you want to own a modular house an hour sooner?
We offer you a quick solution - ready-made portable houses. We produce the house you want within 15 days, we deliver and install within 1 day, at extremely reasonable prices. The only condition for installation is - the house should be on a flat surface on which to be placed.


Modular houses are a set of different number of modules depending on the size of the house. They are distinguished by aesthetic architecture, functionality, speed of construction, strength and durability of the structure.

A few weeks after the order you will have a brand new home, manufactured and installed by our team. The quality of our modular houses guarantees durability that lasts for decades, which is not inferior to classic houses. The steel supporting structure provides stability and resilience to earthquakes. The project for your house will be created and fully compliant with your pre-planned budget.

Exterior view

Our modular houses can be built on one or two floors. We offer a variety of facade solutions in the form of different types of cladding - wood, siding, treks or a combination of them, as well as complete painting of the product or parts of it in RAL color. The external vision can be easily adapted to any landscape. Each house can be given a traditional or modern look, depending on the chosen construction and cladding materials. For example, the combination of wood paneling with a gable roof gives a traditional look to your home, while the combination of etalbond cladding and a flat roof creates a modern look.

Interior view

The houses we produce are characterized by a clean design with a focus on maximum utilization of the interior space. Each home acquires its unique individuality with the possibilities for different solutions for internal distribution, the choice of windows, panel thickness, additional insulation, additional cladding - wallpaper, plasterboard, wood paneling, suspended ceiling, etc. We make a conceptual design of your home, taking into account your views on coziness, comfort and functionality of the home. You have the opportunity to approve the architecture of your home before you sign a contract with us. Our experience, many years of practice and the many completed projects are the best proof of the quality of our work!

Start designing your home using the models below.


Model 1
Model 2
Model 3


The modular houses are made of metal construction of cold-bent galvanized metal profiles.


The walls and roofs are made of a sandwich panel with a core of polyurethane foam with a thickness of 40 mm or 80 mm.


The biggest advantage of modular houses is the extremely short production time.


We offer you a variety of extras. Under each extra there is a code - a number written in red, for example NO: 21. It is enough to say the code of an extra and it will be added to the product. Note: the price of each additional extra is added to the final value of the selected product.